The Kwanzoo Platform

Build and run targeted display programs of your choice – including site retargeting, email & CRM retargeting, account-based marketing, and personalized display - all in one place. Review and optimize your programs 24/7 - 365 days a year with our unified program-level dashboard. Get the reports you need, from business & ROI metrics, to campaign budget & spend, to performance metrics when you need them to help you achieve the best results.

Key Features

  • Build and run rich media ads and smart banner ads quickly and painlessly. Launch targeted display programs in 3 easy steps.
  • Unified program and campaign level dashboards give you and your sales team access to key insights in real time.
  • Personalize your ads using a powerful rules engine. LEARN MORE
  • Full integration into marketing and sales clouds including Oracle, Marketo, IBM, and Salesforce, and a broad range of RTBs, DSPs and ad exchanges. LEARN MORE

Why Use Kwanzoo?

  • An All-in-One Solution: From Retargeting to Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Kwanzoo makes your life easier with a single platform for all your program needs. A lot less work, easy reporting, and higher ROI.
  • Broadest and Deepest Integration into the Marketing & Sales Clouds: Personalize ads, capture leads, and track all ad interaction back into your cloud--simply and easily. We do it better than anyone else!
  • Transparent Pricing and Flexible Deployment Models: Whether you’re an advertiser or an agency--stop paying gross CPMs with big markups! Use your preferred RTB or DSP platform. Let our tech, rich media ads, and personalization engine do the rest!

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