From Demand Gen To ABM: 5 New Rules for B2B Marketing

By From the CEO, Kwanzoo

Why is ABM resonating with some B2B companies and not with others? Do many B2B marketers still view ABM as the next “shiny object”? Are we as ABM tech providers falling short in explaining how ABM relates to and changes demand gen as B2B marketers know it today? It certainly seems that way. So what’s new with ABM? What do ABM metrics bring to a B2B business that are missing from traditional demand gen metrics? What outcomes should B2B companies expect if they do bet more on ABM?

Here’s our attempt at answering these questions. While here at Kwanzoo, we specialize in ABM for Display, we would like to propose “5 New Rules for B2B marketing the ABM Way” that go well beyond display, to include all the other channels where ABM strategies can be applied (email, website, 3rd party content, live events and more.)

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