When running ABM advertising programs to reach and engage target accounts, there are a large number of data sources involved, from your own 1st party customer database of contacts, to online cookie & IP data that match your buyer personas, and post-campaign data from 3rd party providers. Kwanzoo’s ABM reporting helps you easily stitch together data across your data sources, and provide valuable insights, as to which accounts and individual buyers are engaging with your ABM programs. You can then easily pass these insights to your sales and marketing teams.

The “Revenue Gold” for your SDRs and Sales: Engaged Buyers at Target Accounts

Kwanzoo uniquely ties together 3rd party online cookie data and data gleaned from their IP address to identify the accounts and individual buyer behavior. Over 80% of your target account traffic can be visitors from home IPs - simply using IP data to identify buyers may not generate the insights you need. Our approach based on both cookies and IPs can identify upto 3X the accounts that would otherwise be reported to your SDR and Sales teams.

Anonymous buyers from target accounts can be up to 5X the number of known contacts and leads in your CRM. Therefore the Kwanzoo Sales Insights Report (see below) is very valuable for your SDR and BDR teams to fully understand account-level buyer engagement.


Putting it all Together: Combine Kwanzoo Buyer Insights with MAP/CRM Known Contact Data

How can your SDRs and BDRs get the complete picture on buyer activity at target accounts, across the entire buying group? It’s simple. Combine Kwanzoo’s reports with MAP/CRM activity reports on known contacts at your target accounts -- so that your sales team knows how to approach and engage each buyer in a buying group.

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