Kwanzoo 3rd Party Data Capabilities

Kwanzoo uses 3rd party data in several ways to deliver greater value to customers:
  • For account-based marketing (ABM) programs, Kwanzoo's platform delivers the best global account reach available, along with precision targeting, using both IP and cookie-based targeting strategies.
  • For ad personalization, Kwanzoo utilizes 3rd party data to provide a broad and rich set of options.
  • Kwanzoo's in-banner form ads can dynamically append data to leads as they are routed to marketing automation/CRM to boost lead quality.
third party data

Firmographic Data on Accounts

Kwanzoo can report on a broad range of firmographic data on the accounts that engage with the brand. The data is provided directly into marketing automation, is available for review in the Kwanzoo Dashboard, or can be delivered through Excel reports.

Ad Personalization Options

Kwanzoo provides a range of ad personalization options, including personalizing by first party (marketing automation) data, third party (firmographic) data such as the Company IP domain, revenue, industry, employees, and more.
third party data3
account lists

Account Lists for Account-Based Marketing

Kwanzoo supports several 3rd party data APIs and data providers to enrich and prepare target account lists for ABM programs. This significantly reduces on-boarding and time-to-launch for new ABM programs.

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