BlueKai & Oracle Marketing Cloud

BlueKai, the industry’s leading cloud-based platform, helps marketing organizations to personalize marketing campaigns & add actionable information about ideal customer profiles.
Kwanzoo’s All-in-One platform for retargeting and ABM integrates with OMC|BlueKai. Kwanzoo is an OMC Appcloud technology partner and Oracle Fusion CRM partner.
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Kwanzoo’s Integration with OMC|BlueKai

Kwanzoo's platform enables upload of customer first-party data (accounts, contacts, job titles). Customer data can then be routed through our data partners into OMC|BlueKai, to create custom segments that are set up for execution with our DSP partners.
Kwanzoo makes the entire end-to-end execution seamless for customers, with unified program dashboards on the Kwanzoo platform that enable easy monitoring and review.

Easy Onboarding
Customer Data

Onboard customer data (accounts, contacts, job titles) to third party data partners, who can then route custom segments through OMC|BlueKai

Ad Personalization

Setup custom BlueKai segments. Then personalize ads to your prospects off BlueKai segments, with further segmentation using first party, 3rd party and IP data, for more targeted messaging and higher conversion rates.

Measure BlueKai Segment Performance

Track ad engagement, and easily measure the effectiveness and ROI from your BlueKai segment data for display targeting.

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