From ZeroTouch to Lead

A Critical Revenue Gap for Demand Marketers Today

Today’s marketing and sales technology platforms and tools are great at managing, analyzing and driving demand, once a buyer from a target account has identified themselves by filling out a form (identifying themselves as a “Lead”). There are many platforms and tools that can assist once you have leads in your pipeline. However, as the visual below shows, today’s tools completely miss the “ZeroTouch-to-Lead” stage, at the very front end of the process. With ABM, you start with accounts first, identify your buying groups (called “Demand Units” by SiriusDecisions) at those accounts, as well as their buyer personas (or profiles). You then track engagement and interactions with all the members of the buying groups, whether they fill out a form (turn into a lead) or not, all along the buyer journey -- eventually mapping out buyer journeys across the entire buying group in the aggregate, or mapping out journeys of any individual buyers from that account.
Given new online B2B audience data that is now available, marketers can provide actionable insights on the ZeroTouch-to-Lead stage buyers to enterprise sales teams, before the buyers have self-identified (with their email address). We call this extended B2B marketing and sales process the ‘ZeroTouch- to- Close’ process. The specific insights you can hand off to Sales are all actionable, with information on the accounts that are engaging, the persona mix and geo location of the buyers, and the specific ad messages or website pages that draw engagement, enough for SDRs and BDRs to effectively prioritize their sales outreach.

The Right ABM Platform For Your ZeroTouch-to-Close Process

As we dive deeper into the “ZeroTouch-to-Lead” stage of an overall B2B marketing and sales process, it’s important to understand how marketers can engage with prospects at target accounts, who have never ever engaged with the brand. One option, as shown in the visual below is to purchase “names” (first name, last name, email, title) that match the buyer personas of interest who are part of the buying group at target accounts. The demand gen team can then attempt to engage with these prospects through marketing & sales (SDR) emails, SDR phone calls, or hosting live events.
The other option, that can deliver greater efficiencies and lower costs, which many B2B companies are pursuing today, starts by serving ABM ads to your prospects. After engaging the prospect with a “first touch” ABM ad, the same buyer is served retargeting ads to further engage them with more messages, and educate them in a non-intrusive way. The behavioral data collected off ad messages and website visits is then turned over as “actionable insights” to Sales teams to help them prioritize and personalize further interactions.

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