Why run ABM retargeting with Kwanzoo?

  • Get more precise targeting with ABM Email Retargeting: Using a list of email addresses, achieve greater precision for targeting than you can with an ABM audience based solely on third party cookie data (such as Bombora)./li>
  • Engage your website visitors with ABM Site Retargeting: Increase engagement from your ABM display programs by complementing them with site retargeting ads served directly to your website visitors at your targeted account list.

ABM Email Retargeting

Kwanzoo’s new ABM Email Retargeting program allows you to reach out to specific contacts within your target accounts, across a buying group, that includes personas with different job levels (seniority) and job functions (departments).
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ABM Site Retargeting

ABM Site Retargeting

Kwanzoo’s ABM Site Retargeting programs are designed to increase engagement from prior visitors to your company website. Use your master target account list (which can be several 1000 accounts, far greater than the few 100 accounts that are targeted with ABM ads) loaded into the Kwanzoo platform, you can generate an audience filter, in order to serve retargeted ads only to website visitors from your list of target accounts.

Nurture Beyond
The Inbox

Lexmark Healthcare, the $400M division of Lexmark ($3.7B) provides software to hospitals, physicians and healthcare professionals.

A critical goal for 2015 was to increase brand awareness following a re-brand post acquisition. Using smart banners with Email Retargeting, Lexmark saw a strong boost in engagement from users on their email lists while running programs integrated with Lexmark's Oracle | Eloqua and Salesforce systems.

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