Why run ABM Display Programs with Kwanzoo?

  • More Targeting Data and Reach: Reach accounts beyond North America, across global geos (EMEA, APAC, LATAM, others) with ABM Global IP-Based Targeting. Access 5X more users at your target accounts than other solutions, with ABM Job Title Targeting (JTT).
  • More Media Scale and Flexibility: Serve out account-targeted ads through multiple demand side platforms (DSPs) to achieve greater scale at lower costs.
  • Deeper Targeting Options: Target your ABM ads to specific job level, job function, job titles, intent data, company profile data and more. We go deeper than any other provider.
  • Real-Time Sales Insights: Get account-level insights in real-time on all anonymous visitors who click on ads or visit your website. Your SDRs and sales team can now close more deals.
  • Personalized Ads: Easily serve ads that are personalized according to contact profile data (job title, lead score) or account attributes (industry, company size, company revenue, etc).
  • Go Beyond ABM Ads: Run all targeted display programs in one place - ABM, retargeting, personalized display, and content syndication programs. Run multiple programs concurrently, or start with just ABM and scale over time.

From Clicks to
Insights for Sales

Vindicia (now part of AmDocs) offers cloud-based subscription billing and recurring revenue solutions. Their SaaS solutions increase recurring revenue, reduce customer churn, and optimize online marketing, processing over $21 billion globally for their clients and providing them with more than $90 million in annual incremental revenue.

Vindicia used IP-based account-based marketing to increase engagement from a list of 1200+ target accounts across five regions globally. Vindicia’s team were able to use Kwanzoo’s real-time ABM data to prioritize 50 key accounts from each region as primary targets for their SDRs.


What is account-based advertising (ABM)?

Reach and engage users at your list of target accounts by serving them display ads across the web via matched cookies or matched IP addresses.

Benefits of account-based marketing:

  • Target prospects at your specific target list(s) of accounts.
  • Experience efficient (and more cost-effective) media buying by serving display ads to users at target accounts (and to no one else) with pre-set caps on number of ads served per account and per user.
  • Influence buyers at target accounts and increase site visits.

ABM With Cookie Targeting

Reach Specific Personas at your Target Accounts with Cookie Targeting

We match your account list and job function specifications (HR, Sales, Finance, and more). Any “matched” users are then served ads across the web. Our ABM Standard solution is designed for customers targeting North America-based companies. ABM JTT includes integration with Oracle BlueKai, for access to a database of over 1 billion cookies.


Reach Global Accounts with IP-Based Targeting

We match each global account (e.g. HP in Hong Kong, ING Bank in Singapore) to specific IP address ranges and reach users at the account with targeted ads across the web.

Grow Account Penetration

Our Unified Dashboard shows you target accounts, accounts reached, accounts engaged and your top accounts, that your Sales team can use to increase sales velocity, drive the pipeline and close more deals.

ABM Email Retargeting

Reach Buyers with Precision by Matching Emails to Online Cookies

ABM Email Retargeting complements our ABM Advertising solutions with a different approach to targeting accounts and buyers. While ABM advertising programs use third party cookie and IP-based targeting data, ABM email retargeting programs use real “emails” of target buyers which are matched to online cookies to target those buyers. ABM email retargeting provides greater precision for targeting than standard ABM display programs.

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