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What is the difference between MQL and MQA?

Many companies are still measuring marketing success in terms of Marketing Qualified Lead, or MQL. In simplest terms an MQL is a lead deemed worthy to be handed off to sales. But the metrics required for success with Account Based Marketing are different than those used in traditional lead generation, because instead of actioning an individual person, the goal is to identify and engage an entire buying team.  Meaning the account has accrued enough engagement from multiple members of a buying unit to be ready to pass to a sales person. 

The Marketing Qualified Account, or MQA, is at the very foundation of account-based anything.  The MQA creates cross functional focus for all revenue facing teams on the highest-value accounts and buying teams that have the greatest potential for revenue. The MQA ensures that a well rounded buying team has been identified and engaged, so that the outbound team can convert to a Sales Qualified Opportunity, or SQO, with increased velocity. Additionally, Kwanzoo clients are seeing MQAs convert to significantly higher value opportunities than MQLs.

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