Because Your Ideal Buyers Are Not Going to Find You on Their Own. 

Generate Qualified Traffic

Account-based advertising is the second most cost effective way, after marketing emails, to generate qualified traffic. 

Show me my ROI

Kwanzoo Precision Targeting

At Kwanzoo we specialize in identifying and delivering ads to your target accounts and personas that are prioritized based upon the elements below.

Firmo and Technographics

Account attributes such as industry, revenue, employee size and installed technologies.

Self-Declared Intent

Budget and Account ranking by Forecast, Recent Pilots/Evaluations, Renewal Budgets and Historical Budgets.

On-Domain Intent

Engagement from prospects on your digital properties.

Content Consumption Intent

Engagement with content served upon 3rd party website aggregated at the account level to show a surge in interest on a particular topic.

Kwanzoo consistently delivers the deepest account resolution on your website.

Our technology uses cascading tag calls across multiple 3rd party cookie and IP data providers to resolve more account identities for your anonymous website traffic.

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  • Drive Engagement at Scale

    Account-based Advertising is an essential component for todays B2B marketers. It is the richest tactic to identify and engage your customers at scale. The data collected informs all other tactics and helps you communicate most effectively with key personas at target accounts.

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    Precision Targeting Cuts Through the Noise

    Only serve ads to the precise audiences that sales cares about. This is done through the acquisition of 3rd-party cookie audiences, that match target personas. Augment this approach with email to cookie match to connect with hard to reach audiences.  Our precision targeting avoids wasted impressions on unqualified traffic.

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    Engagement across all Journey Stages

    Deliver exceptional experiences throughout the customer journey including tactics designed to boost awareness, demand, pipeline acceleration and advocacy. The Kwanzoo platform ensures the right engagement for each go-to-market objective.

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    Deeper Insights on Engaged Buyers

    Kwanzoo's reporting provides deeper insight on engaged buyers, including seniority, job function, product or solution of interest, geo location and many more data points. You’ll know exactly who engaged with your ads, their entire buying journey, and insights to better inform other tactics.

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    According to SiriusDecisions, a full 91% of B2B teams that are doing account-based, ABM, marketing see larger deal sizes from target accounts. 

    Engage Outside

    the Box

    Lexmark Healthcare, the $400M division of Lexmark ($3.7B) provides software to hospitals, physicians and healthcare professionals.

    Lexmark's goal was to increase brand awareness following a re-brand post acquisition. Using smart banners with Email Retargeting, Lexmark saw a strong boost in engagement from users on their email lists while running programs integrated with Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce systems.

    We will optimize delivery with the right DSP for your audience and objective

    One DSP does not fit all objectives or regions. Our Customer Success team will sit in the background monitoring and optimizing the delivery of your ads receive ensure maximum engagement possible. This may mean switching DSP's mid-program, which in some cases has led to doubling click through rates.  If your advertising vendor relies on a single DSP you have have been sold impressions not engagement. Kwanzoo regularly delivers 2X more engagement than our competitors.

    We were impressed with

    the engagement we saw with Kwanzoo Email Targeting. We are expanding our programs with Kwanzoo to continue to nurture our users beyond the inbox.”

    Global Campaigns Manager,

    Lexmark Healthcare

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