Go beyond leads and deliver marketing qualified accounts

Convert Qualified Accounts

Kwanzoo's Account-based Selling solution converts anonymous buying team engagement into Marketing-Qualified-Accounts (MQAs). The

Salesforce interface enables reps to convert more MQAs into

Sales-Qualified-Opportunities (SQOs). 

SDR and BDR Teams

Whether you call them SDRs or BDRs, your outbound team is working hard to set meetings. Kwanzoo helps your outbound team improve their efficiency and effectiveness by focusing their efforts on the right accounts at exactly the right time.

Sales and Success Teams

Kwanzoo helps marketers to enable their sales teams by delivering deeper account level engagement and intelligence in an organized easy to use interface that lives inside CRM.

The only Sales UI that actions buying groups

Identify your buying team, understand when and what they are engaging with,

and take action.

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Engagement is the New Insight

Kwanzoo organizes account and buying team engagement by the product or solution of interest. All activity by  anonymous buyers (such as content consumption, live chat, call-to-action clicks, etc) throughout their entire buying journey is tracked. We then deliver these insights to BDR and sales teams so they know when to engage and on what topic.

Engage all the Accounts Sales Cares About

If you don’t have a great handle on your ideal account profile (IAP), your customer facing teams should work together to define it. Your IAP should focus on relevant characteristics of your best-fit accounts, with firmographics such as industry (SIC or NAICS), employee size, annual revenue, business model, region, language spoken and technologies used. 

Start by creating a master list of all accounts that fit your ideal account profile (IAP). 

Account insights aligned with your sales motion 

Sales leaders want to enable salespeople with the most relevant and comprehensive data and tool sets. However, combining those toolsets into an actionable interface that relates to the B2B sales motion has become a problem unto itself. We kept hearing questions like:

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How do I prioritize my team's outreach?


How do I support my team in identifying the buying unit?


I sell three distinct solutions with both overlapping and disparate buyer personas, and multiple rep teams. How do set up my systems or GTM sales motion to account for this scenario?


What do I do with my intent data?


What is the best way to integrate website analytics data?


Is my team simply actioning leads or have they adopted an ABS approach?

Is your buying unit engaging?

Kwanzoo Sales Insights drive sales and marketing alignment by deciphering multiple engaged contacts into solution-aligned buying teams, giving sales reps access to all the account data and insights they need to engage the right buyers with the right message. 

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Optimize Contact Acquisition

It’s not enough to empower your sales team with rich account insights. An account-based selling platform needs to generate, prioritize and facilitate sales engagement from within your CRM.

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Retargeting Converts More Buyers

You have already made the investment in outbound campaigns, from PPC and Search to Webinars and Content Syndication. While this has created engagement, the cost has been exorbitant. Don't let that traffic go to waste. Kwanzoo enables the re-engagement of buyers with highly targeted and personalized digital ads. These ads are personalized to key buyer personas within targeted accounts. 

Account-based retargeting is a critical execution tactic within an overall account-based marketing and sales strategy that maximizes outbound efforts and spend by reinforcing messaging for those who have already landed on owned digital properties, like your website.


ABM Retargeting is simple, fast and seamless. Place our tag, and sync your complete list of IAP accounts and personas by solution category.  When prospects bounces from your  sites we find and serve ads relevant to their product or solution of interest. We build, manage and target the audience so you convert more customers.


Retargeting is an essential element in every marketer’s toolkit because it works. But it works best when done in concert with a fully integrated omni-channel campaign and a sales motion that actions the insights.  Kwanzoo clients are seeing increased conversions for webinar registrations and content downloads when in-banner forms are combined with on-domain personalized banners.


Viewers typically browse multiple sites and consume various content to help make a purchasing decision. Retargeting increases lift and can boost conversions over 250%, when strategically coordinated with website story topics or pages. Retargeting also performs extremely well for all commerce related activities, such as product catalogs and solution pages.

Personalized Website Experiences  from Day One

With our account-based on-domain advertising personalization, you can maximize the impact of your paid spend by ensuring that all of your website traffic, no matter the source, receives relevant messaging upon arrival. Greet every visitor on your website with a tailored message, no matter how they got there. Just like you deliver targeted ads to your segments, web personalization brings the same precision-targeted messages to your website.

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B2B marketers must figure out how to decipher multiple contacts from an account into groups and connect ALL buying group contacts to opportunities and revenue.


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