Business Impact

The Business Impact

of Account-based Advertising & Selling

How we deliver and

measure value

Account-based Advertising and Selling drives growth because they creates engagement among target accounts and buying teams. Once buyers are aware of a company's products and services, they are more likely to engage with content and sales teams, particularly if the advertisement resonates with their buying persona and journey.

Unique account identification technology reveals 2.9x more target accounts on the website.

Kwanzoo’s website analytics uses both cascading cookie and IP resolution across multiple data providers to identify 2.9X more accounts that are visiting your digital properties.

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Convert more anonymous to known buyers with actionable data for Sales.

Our unique data resolution provides the most detailed set of anonymous visitor data in the industry. We go beyond the account, to tell you the department and level of each incoming visitor.

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Account-targeted display ads increase email clicks, form fills and demo sign-ups.

 At Kwanzoo our clients are seeing significant lift in buyer engagement through organic search, email click throughs and form fills all within the first quarter of outbound ad activation coupled with retargeted ads.

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Programmatic ABM delivers more new opportunities and higher pipeline value.

The lifts in results are not limited to buyer engagement alone, but extend to CRM opportunity creation, growth in opportunity value, and an increase in the number of engaged buying roles per opportunity.

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Programmatic ABM ads are the 2nd most cost-effective way to drive buyer engagement after marketing emails.

As a B2B growth marketer, you have many choices for tactics to drive demand. Account-based (ABM) advertising & retargeting from Kwanzoo is your second lowest-cost, and proven way to drive buyer engagement and conversions, after marketing emails.

Kwanzoo clients are experiencing on average

6x-8x ROI

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91% of ABM users said average deal size was higher in ABM accounts and 89% saw an improvement in conversion rates. 


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