We’re on a Mission to Build The World’s Best Account-Based, Go-to-Market Platform. 

Your Goals

Are Our Goals

It's as simple as that. We work to ensure that every program, no matter how complex, gets the resources it needs to succeed.  By uncovering anonymous buying behavior, prioritizes accounts for sales and marketing, and enables them to identify and engage buying teams at the product or solution level with personalized engagement. Immediately increasing the number and value of opportunities, velocity of the sales cycle, advocacy of clients, all allowing your team compete and win more often.

Guiding Principles

Deliver for the Customer and all else will follow

Deliver outcomes far beyond expectations

Do a few things really,

really well

Move fast, but make sure the data is always accurate

It’s revenue, not just pretty looking dashboards that matter

Always think Global

Be transparent and operate with Integrity

Hire the best and work from anywhere

Always be learning, and Pay It Forward

The Kwanzoo Team

Mani Iyer

Executive Operations

Vic Kaul


Gregory Kotovos

Revenue Operations

Sruthi Swaminathan

Partner Management

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