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Are you a B2B Demand Generation, Media Agency, or a Marketing Strategy Consulting firm? Your clients seek greater transparency and higher ROI from their marketing and paid media programs today than at any time. ABM is a critical go-to-market approach for many B2B companies.

Kwanzoo’s adaptive ABM platform

and our agency-friendly business

 model provides you with flexibility, transparency, full visibility, and lower program costs. Running a successful ABM program requires a carefully crafted process across multiple data sources, technologies, and programs, to maximize your tech investment. Alternative “All-in-One” ABM solutions severely limit your options, and often create “rip and replace” friction for your client.

Who We Partner With and Why

Specifically designed to augment martech, salestech and successtech platforms with best in class advertising technologies. 

We work with technology partners to deliver innovative account engagement programs for sales and marketing. Kwanzoo easily and seamlessly integrates with the leading technologies our clients rely on every day.

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Data is at the heart of everything revenue related, from the development of 3rd party audiences and creating 1st party retargeting pools to ideal account and contact augmentation or enrichment. We do not resell data, we buy it to operate and then refer pre-qualified opportunities so you can sell programs fro 30k - 100k+ records at a time.

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Grow your agency or consulting firm by helping your clients optimize engagement with buying teams at ideal accounts at scale. No need to learn another platform, add to your services offering with our full-service success team as an extension of your internal operations. Or feel free to link your own DSP and DMP seats to our platform to optimize and manage programs.

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Ad-tech Designed Specifically for Agencies

and Enterprises

As an agency or systems integrator (SI), do you serve several mid-market and mid-to-large enterprise clients? Are your clients targeting accounts globally, across North America, UK, EU, APAC, LATAM, and ANZ? Do their paid media budgets run from a few 10s of $1000s to several 100s of $1000s per month? Are they seeking your assistance with ABM - from strategy, to implementation, success measurement and best practices?

From business development support, to proposal submission, to campaign implementation, to reporting and insights, Kwanzoo is here to help you or your clients through every step of the ABM process, through our agency partnership. Plus there are no agency partnership initiation fees. 

Complementary Agency Instance

Agency partners get complementary agency user accounts where both internal and external clients can be serviced.

Full Agency Access and Visibility

You get full access to client accounts. Easily build, run and optimize your client’s ABM programs from within your agency account!

Detailed Audit Trails

As an Agency User, you have full audit trails to your client’s actions within their user accounts. Easily find and fix program and campaign issues.

Media Buying Options

Have direct DSP relationships? You can keep buying your own media. Use Kwanzoo strictly for what your DSP and DMP tools cannot handle, including ABM reporting, website analytics and sales insights.

Global Program Reach

Did you know that DSPs and data partners with the required account reach & coverage vary by geo region? By working with us, you get our tech, data and expertise, to help you deliver the best global ABM programs.

Flexible 3rd Party Data Buying

Strike your own 3rd party data partnerships. Or allow us to function as your full-service ABM data partner. The choice is yours.

Protect Investments

As you learn more about Kwanzoo’s Adaptive Account-based approach, you will appreciate how we work hard to protect your client’s existing tech investment. Use just the additive tech they need, and no more.

Full Transparency

As you evaluate ABM tech partners, ask them if they will provide you with a full breakdown of costs - across media, data, tech and services. Many of them can’t or won’t. With Kwanzoo Adaptive ABM, you get it all.

Lower Total Costs

From content syndication to webinars, paid media to live events, there are many ways to reach & engage buyers at target accounts. Kwanzoo’s ABM programs with ABM and retargeting ads deliver lower costs per engaged buyer.

“Kwanzoo doesn’t just help build partner commissions, our cross-up-sell revenue has increased 38%”

We partner with leading data providers, technologies and marketing, advertising agencies around the world to provide the most technologically advanced ABA, ABS, & ABI platform, to implement the most advanced strategy and execution services. This ensures our mutual clients exceed revenue goals. 

A Better Way to Engage

Deliver Results

With quick and accurate responses to all your queries, you’ll save time and be more efficient.

Drive Revenue

Watch your profits and efficiency soar. You’ll expand faster than you ever thought possible. 

Customer Success

Our support team is here to ensure that things run smoothly, so you can focus elsewhere. 

Collaborate with us

In this 10-minute case study video featuring Jason Feller, lead strategist at Salted Stone, see how Salted Stone, a global digital agency, and Docupace, a financial sector company, partnered with Kwanzoo's ABM advertising and website technology platform to drive revenue gold with ABM advertising, website personalization and analytics.

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