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Marketing Platforms are only as effective as their operators.

Kwanzoo Customer Success

An ABM advertising program is a set of ad creative and messaging served to a specific target account list and a specific set of buyer personas. The Customer provides the account list and buyer personas to Kwanzoo CS. An ABM cookie or IP-based audience is generated in the Kwanzoo platform and set up for serving ads.

One integration setup, to feed Kwanzoo ABM engagement data into a destination platform (Eloqua, Salesforce, AWS S3, Email CSV, More destinations soon). Kwanzoo CS will train the Customer on how to setup ABM reports for triggered email delivery. 

One ABM ad program and account list setup during the quarter, for every $10K in program, spend in that quarter.

a. Each ABM program to support up-to 4 desktop ad sizes (e.g. 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 300x600) and 2 mobile ad sizes (e.g. 300x50,320x50).

b. For each ad size, up to 2 sets of creative supported. Each creative relates to a specific landing page and message theme.  

c. 1 landing page supported per creative/message theme.

NOTE: Dynamic creative setup available at additional cost.

Onboarding call covers ABM reporting requirements, ABM data feed, and integration. 

Additional program reviews start 2 weeks after launch and cover program performance and sales pipeline impact.  The final program review covers key program outcomes and recommendations for the following quarter’s ABM programs. 

The Kwanzoo CS team is also available for training/coaching call for any additional tasks to be performed in the platform on a self-service / DIY model.

According to SiriusDecisions, a full 91% of B2B teams that are doing account-based marketing (ABM) see larger deal sizes from their target accounts than from non-target accounts

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