Prioritize accounts for outreach through available budget and buying groups.

Identify Qualified Budgets

The only self-declared intent offering on the market. With trillions of data points being crunched by AI driven analytics processes and algorithms, Kwanzoo Account-based Intelligence powered by's insights platform enables business users in the marketing, product management and sales departments to quickly understand the total addressable market or TAM for a particular category, the potential value of the market for the next 6 - 12 months, and the projects and teams driving the effort. Kwanzoo simplifies the research and acquisition declared data combined with complex data analysis with machine learning automation across billions of data points.

What your teams needs to know

Whether you are a Marketing Leader and are trying to prioritize your outbound spend, a Sales Leader working on territory or quota management, or even a SDR/BDR, named account manager, or customer success manager focused on driving revenue, Kwanzoo Account-based intelligence(ABI) is the only intent solution that makes its data actionable for the entire revenue operations team.

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Which buying groups should you target?

Understanding and building the buying unit for a given product has always been left to the experience of the sales person. Kwanzoo's Salesforce Lightening Module  opens the door to create great alignment between sales and marketing. Sales can identify the department with a budget and immediately understand if members of that buying unit  are currently engaged.

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Identify budgets by project or initiative

Every company's journey is different; however, understanding what is driving engagement gives you the opportunity to facilitate a more personalized buyers journey. Stop looking inward to what you perceive the journey is, and start looking at the data provided by target account and buyers behaviors.

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Understand your category

Whether your platform is a leader or a lagger in your category, if you service a particular category then understanding the space is critical to developing your go-to-market strategy. Learn what platforms are up and coming in the space so you can understand what is working in their approach. Use competitors' current intent budgets to understand where to invest to win that potential market share.

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Territory, quota, and marketing investment planning 

Get insights into geographic distribution of accounts, and understand how to structure potential quotas or where to focus outbound marketing investments based upon intent and potential value by territory or region.  Understand if  budgets are trending up or down in a particular region and what key competitors are focused in which regions.

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Marketing Qualified Accounts identified and prioritized by Kwanzoo ABI as “sales ready” convert to opportunities at an 8x higher rate, resulting in closed business with higher contract values than traditional MQL based approaches.

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