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End-to-End ABM or Adaptive ABM: A Clarifying Moment for B2B CMOs

Two years ago, we at Kwanzoo had our clarifying moment when we introduced Adaptive ABM. We explained then how we were serving some of the world’s largest, most trusted enterprise B2B brands by: Adapting their current marketing & sales process, data, and programs to ABM.

  • Protecting their existing technology investment.
  • Adding best-in-class ABM capabilities in key functional “gap” areas.
  • Helping them achieve global account scale and reach.

Earlier this week, the ABM space had its clarifying moment, when Demandbase acquired Engagio. As a B2B CMO or Growth Leader, you will be hearing a lot this year about “End-to-End” ABM or “All-in-One” ABM platforms.

Many of the “End-to-End” ABM vendors will share with you an ABM report from a leading analyst, who has 
framed the ABM space as a horse race between “End-to-End” ABM vendors. These vendors are competing to add functionality, racing to be the first to the top of the metaphorical ABM mountain as defined by this analyst, while burning through $10s of millions of venture capital investment.

As a B2B CMO or Growth Leader, in these interesting and challenging times, you face some key decisions of your own – perhaps you are experiencing your own clarifying moment! 

Should you invest in an “End-to-End” ABM platform from a VC-backed ABM vendor, hungry for growth and charging constantly-expanding platform license fees? Are you prepared – as many of the “End-to-End” ABM platforms will want – to “rip-and-replace” your existing marketing, sales and advertising tech infrastructure to accommodate their broad piece of ABM technology, that’s often “a mile wide and inch deep?” 

Or would you be better off investing in ABM technology that’s additive, best-in-class, and works with your existing tech stack? An ABM tech provider who is 100% aligned with your goals? One who has built their business the “old-fashioned” way – no venture money, just delivering results, while serving every customer with all the attention that they need, for the past 5+ years?

Kwanzoo has built out the most open ABM platform on the market, that supports all major third party data providers and integrates with multiple CDPs/DMPs/DSPs. Our platform delivers “best-in-class” ABM advertising & retargeting, ABM website analytics, and ABM insights for Sales – all seamlessly integrated into your CMS, MAP, CRM, Google Analytics, and conversational chat tools (e.g. Drift).

We offer a platform that delivers a unique ABM engagement data feed on all the accounts and anonymous buyers that are engaging with your brand. You can simply drop this feed into your BI tools, Data Lakes, Data Exchanges to build out rich and comprehensive ABM account scoring models, and compelling reports on ABM program performance and business impact that you can share with leadership.

How about an ABM vendor partner with a flexible business model, that’s 
agency-friendly? You can run all media + third party data through us — or do it in-house, or through your media or marketing agency. The choice is entirely yours. All of this comes with full cost and pricing transparency. You have the option to run a “full-service” ABM program execution with us, which is a big help, especially if you are short on in-house resources. Our ABM expertise and best practice guidelines support you all the way, so you are able to hit the ground running and immediately drive more pipeline and revenue.

We feel fortunate that with the support of our customers across North America, UK, EMEA and APAC, we grew 77% year-on-year in 1Q2020, and are on track to 3X our revenues this year. We have scored multiple wins recently against many of the ABM vendors in the previously mentioned ABM report. One of the largest global B2B marketing agencies has recently chosen us as their International ABM partner.

Over the past five years, many venture-backed ABM vendors have called it quits. We are still here, still standing, and growing! We answer to exactly one party: you, our customer! So you can be sure that every decision we take, every single day, is in your and our employees’ best interests (so they can serve you better). 

As you evaluate your ABM options, and explore the type of ABM tech stack you’d want to put in place at your company, or investigate who in the industry can provide ABM best practices and guidance you can bet on, we hope you will think of us — and that you will give us a chance to earn your business.

“End-to-End” ABM or “Adaptive ABM”? The Choice is Clear!

Mani Iyer • Nov 04, 2020New Paragraph

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